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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cheap Holidays Lauterbrunnen

Cheap holidays to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland are spectacular for the entire family. The skiing is awesome and the hotels and resorts are warm and comfortable. The skiing is the best attraction, but the Talschaft Local Museum is worth the visit. The Trummelback Falls is a beautiful sight to see. The falls seem to go on forever and the area around the falls in worth a day exploring. The other waterfalls, Schmadribach are a scenic view all its own. You cannot imagine the beauty of this waterfall. You can hike around the area and see different things in the area.

Since your cheap holidays in Lauterbrunnen is going to be a skiing holiday, you will enjoy the area of Schilthornbahn. The area is a natural attraction with scenic views and many slopes for skiing. To get up to the top of the mountain, you can take the cable car ride, which is about thirty-four minutes. Once on top, you will find a restaurant with an observation deck for you to enjoy watching the skiers on the slopes. The restaurant has a revolving floor, which allows you to sit and dine while revolving around to the different views of the mountains. They do have telescopes for those who want take a closer look at the area.

The area of Lauterbrunnen may be a bit small, but it is big on beauty. Lauterbrunnen is a small resort town that attracts visitors because of the affordable accommodations and fun activities to do. The landscape is something you can only imagine until you get there and see the beautiful scenic views. Standing upon a mountaintop, looking down to the valley below is a remarkable sight. It is a beautiful sight that one can sit and watch for hours. You can do some hiking and see the glacier or even visit Jungfraujoch.

The small resort town is surrounded by the Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger mountains. This alone makes for a beautiful sight. You can enjoy a day of snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding and skiing. The days are filled with fun activities and the nights are enjoyed with a warm drink in one of the area lounges or bars. The restaurants are excellent and the cuisine served leaves you with a wonderful experience. With so much culture and the refreshing fresh air, you will have a great time. Your cheap holidays in Lauterbrunnen cannot get any better than this.

Imagine if you can, sitting outside on a green plush lawn on the side of a hill with the beautiful mountains to one side and another mountain to the other side. Out in front of you are the peaks of the other mountains with snowcaps shinning brightly in the sky meeting the clouds. It is a beautiful sight. One might say it is a perfect picture. That is what you can experience when you plan to vacation to Lauterbrunnen. Everyone will enjoy a vacation to see such a beautiful place in Switzerland and enjoy the different activities that are just waiting for you.

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Picturesque Switzerland

Although a pretty small country, Switzerland is a very famous one. The strange thing is that for the different people, Switzerland is famous with different things. When it comes to this country, some of us think of the wide variety of world-known cheeses it makes. Others think of the unbreakable watches made there or the popular Swiss banks. But for myself, I have found another great side of the country its gorgeous nature. That is why, as a nature-lover, I will try to present here the most beautiful places you can visit for a walk or drive.

For those of you who want to explore on foot and are not afraid of walking a bit more, here are some perfect places for doing so. A place that offers great views is Mount Santis at 2 502 meters above the sea level. It is perhaps the most impressive mount in the Alps and you can start your hike from the Wasserrauen village nearby. To Wasserrauen can get by train from another village - Appenzell. From Wasserrauen you can cross the 8,9 kilometer distance to Schwagalp, which is around 5 hours walk. From the Schwagalp village by cable car you will get to the platform, from where you can see the mount itself.

Another pretty famous walk is called The Great Watershed (Grosse Scheidegg). It is located in the Jungfrau region (central Switzerland) and can offer breathtaking views of glaciers and mountains. You can also see the massive rocks of the Wetterhorn. You can begin walking from the Meiringen village and finish in the Grindelwald resort, 21 kilometers farther. And there are also bust stops along the road.

Another hiking path is the Burgenstock Felsenweg, located in the area of Lake Lucerne. The landscape there will probably leave you breathless as it is one of the greatest in Switzerland. You can start from the Burgenstock resort and finish in Ennetburgen. The distance is around 7 kilometers and passes through gorgeous views of Mount Pilatus and Lake Lucerne.

I would also suggest visiting the lakes in the Upper Engadine. They are four in total and are located 1 771 meters above the sea level, but the hiking path is not steep at all. The distance is 14 kilometers and offers views of lakes and mountain ranges. You can begin from Maloja, pass through the gorgeous village Segl-Maria and finish on the banks of the lake in the Silvaplana resort (around 3 hours).

And finally I will just mention the most famous and beautiful drives. Perhaps the most popular is the road above the Great St. Bernard Pass, beginning from Zurich or Basel and ending in Italy. The road over the Furka Pass offers some amazing views of the nearby glacier. St. Gotthard Pass Road and the road over the Bernina Pass are also marvelous and popular but especially the last one can be dangerous if the winding road is icy. While the above mentioned may be surrounded by some bridges, the Simplon Pass Road fully uncovers the unspoilt beauty of the mountainous landscape.
There are many other places one can write about, but the most important thing is that if you want to get away from the big city traffic, you should try discovering the nature beauty of Switzerland.

Article Source: http://www.travelarticlelibrary.com

Ski Chic In St Moritz

Chic and fashionable St Moritz is the place to be seen on a luxury ski holiday. Probably the most famous of all the Swiss resorts St Moritz is set in the beautiful surroundings of the Upper Engadine valley and boasts 5 main resort areas; Corviglia, Corvatsch, Furtschellas, Diavolezza and Lagalb. Nestled 6,000 feet high in the Swiss Alps the town itself is split into two areas. Built on the side of the hillside is Dorf with elegant hotels and shops, whilst Bad is a quieter area up the valley from the lake.

There are an impressive 350km of pistes, 60 modern transportation facilities and runs at an altitude of 1800 to 3300 meters above sea level leaving you with stunning panoramic views. The resort has played host to the Olympics and the World Ski Championships offering skiers diversity, quality and quantity. The high quality ski area offers some extensive skiing. Advanced skiers can travel around to experience the best runs and there is some excellent off piste skiing to explore on the face of the Piz Noir as well as some challenging black runs at Diavolezza. Many of the pistes in St Moritz are for intermediates who can take full advantage of the terrain. Intermediates may wish to try long and open runs such as the Hahensee 6km which runs from Corvatsch through to St Moritz Bad. The nursery runs of Corviglia for beginners are accessible by funicular and run down to town. In addition Celerina provides broad slopes for some easy skiing. The lift system is extensive and getting around the resort is not a problem.

Due to its high altitude the climate of St Moritz is dry and crisp. The snow cover is reliable, and the sun shines here nearly all year round to make for ideal ski conditions.

Après-ski entertainments include a wide choice of mountain restaurants with magnificent views, ski huts and chic bars, which guarantee around the clock fun. Other Winter activities include the famous Cresta Run, as well as horse racing, polo, golf and cricket competitions on the frozen lake.

St Moritz is a resort synonymous with elegance, class and sophistication. Its name stands for style, tradition and quality – very appropriate descriptions judging by its success and popularity. On your luxury ski holiday in St Moritz Switzerland, you are likely to appreciate the cosmopolitan atmosphere, champagne climate, glamour and nightlife just as much as the skiing.

Article Source: http://www.travelarticlelibrary.com

Leave Your Fondue Pot At Home: Travel To Switzerland

Switzerland, formally known as The Confederation Helvetica, is a landlocked mountainous haven in the heart of Europe. Partially due to the isolating geography, the Swiss people have maintained a strong commitment to tradition, independence and the preservation of their long-established way of life. Hence, it is very important for the traveler to note that Switzerland is not a member of the European Union and uses the Swiss Franc as their form of currency.

An incredible benefit of Switzerland's independence is a clean, speedy and reliable train system and public transportation network, including the new Rail 2000 program that offers regular half-hourly service between all major cities.

The thought of Switzerland strikes up images of enchanting castles, milk chocolate, fine cheese speckled with holes, sturdy watches and the Matterhorn. Don't be fooled by this simplicity or the precision and just-so design of Swiss towns and get ready to discover a society far more rich, worldly and dynamic than you had ever imagined when you travel Switzerland! As homogenous as the nation might appear, Switzerland is divided into very diverse regions with four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch (a Latin derivative). English is also spoken widely. The fusion of these cultures adds a zest of flavor that complements the serenely picturesque landscape.

Four Seasons to Travel to Switzerland

Unlike many other European destinations, it is wonderful to travel to Switzerland any time of year! Switzerland is centrally located on the European continent and consequently enjoys moderate and consistent weather for each season. Skiing is by far the best excuse to travel Switzerland in the winter, but make sure not to miss the splendor of cities like Geneva covered in a blanket of snow. Geneva, the second-largest city, is close to the Swiss Alps and the French border and also boasts an international history of its own. The municipality has been central to European affairs for centuries, most notably including the Geneva Convention. Interlaken should be a part of a summer and winter itinerary as well. The pristine setting among some of the tallest and fiercest alpine peaks makes Interlaken a sanctuary for skiers and hikers alike. The town is small and limited on lodging so make reservations early.

In addition to the most popular destinations, such as Zurich and the Alps, the Swiss traveler is encouraged to leave the beaten path behind to discover the true beauty of the country and meet the resilient and warm people who define a nation that is over 700 years old. Remember that traditional does not translate into old-fashioned or archaic in Switzerland. The Swiss society stands out among European nations as an extraordinarily progressive and cutting-edge standard of modernity.

Article Source: http://www.travelarticlelibrary.com