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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swiss Hotel Schools Association (ASEH)

Switzerland has trained the world's hotel management leaders for more than a century. Swiss hotel schools are famous for their professionalism, discipline and their mixture of practical and theoretical education and training. The Swiss Hotel Schools Association (ASEH), http://www.aseh.ch, is the primary accreditation agency upholding established academic, professional and ethical standards for its members. Schools are inspected on a regular basis to ensure compliance with ASEH's standards. ASEH's aim ist to protect the high reputation of the traditional hotel management schools and only accepts members that meet the high standards. This unique consolidation of 11 Swiss Hotel Management Schools educate national and international students. The schools teach in German, English, French or Italian.
ASEH is supported by the two professional Organizations GastroSuisse and Hotel & Gastrounion, which each have one representative on the committee.

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